Bound by Blood

Mission 1-1: Berethal's last reQuest

Collect the Dragon Heart-stones!

You have been tasked by Berethal to collect and bring to him the 8 broken pieces of the dragon heart-stones. You know that the stones sense each other and can direct you towards each other if necessary. Do not resort to murder or violence unless absolutely necessary. Most of these people are descendants of the men and women that Berethal bestowed these trinkets to, and may need some convincing to hand them over to strangers. You have a 5 day window to complete this quest in its entirety by midnight on the fifth day.

last known locations of each stone
Berethal’s x1
Stonemasons guild – x1
Mages guild x2
the Ducavi cleric ward x1
The hunter’s Quarry x1
Gladiators Hall x1
The loaded Die x1

richie has berethal’s shard
jessie has the stouthammer’s shard.



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