Bound by Blood

Quest 1-1 - The stone mason's guild


Upon entering the stonemason’s guild, they witnessed the son of Stouthammer, the leader of the guild, dispense quick justice on anyone unworthy who bothered him. The water genasi, out of his natural element, picked up a hammer and started to build a weapon worthy to gain the leaders eye. After an arduous attempt at a great maul imbued with magic, the leader came up to the genasi and destroyed the weapon, but absorbing the energies within, saying that it was “Shoddy as shit work, but it’s not a bad first attempt.” They debriefed the leader on the situation, but he became quickly bored with it, and proposed a solution. He would place the shard that he possessed at the end of his forge, and if they could get to it and survive, they could have it. Along the way were traps and surprises galore, but eventually they appeased the easily bored dwarf and took the shard victoriously.

Quest Complete
Rewards: EXP
Stouthammer’s heart-stone

Admittance to use the facilities and stores of the stonemason’s guild.



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